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06 October 2009

Photo Lab

written by: Don

Ever since getting my hands on my new camera, I have been out and about to shoot whatever comes before my lens. Here are the first results.

There are many wisdom about making photos, but there are two that are particularly true:

  1. The best way to take good photos is to have a camera with you.
  2. A cheap tripod you have with you is always better than the expensive tripod you have got at home.

So with this in mind, I have been carrying my camera with me everywhere ever since Hannelore has given it to me as a present, and I have also purchased an affordable tripod: a Manfrotto modo maxi. The most important factor for me was not so much the uber stability, but far more the light weight and compactness when collapsed. With the camera weighing 414g and the tripod 980g, I dare say I have got myself the ultimate light weight camera kit togehter.

So with that, I have started to experiment with different settings and effects, and most importantly, I have also started to read up on all the good stuff about Photoshop - basically to cover up all the flaws I have as a lousy photographer.

Well anyway, here are some of the products! Hope you enjoy them. I will try to upload more photos regularly so do check back often.

  • Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ38
  • Tripod: Manfrotto modo maxi 785B
  • Post-Processing: Adobe Camera Raw 5.5 and Adobe Photoshop CS4



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Peter Vos wrote on 06 October 2009:

it ain't that difficult given the models ;)

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