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16 August 2008

Our Wedding

written by: Birgit & Don

What a fantastic and lovely celebration! Words cannot describe what we feel. We are overwhelmed with happiness.

We are so grateful to everyone of you, who contributed so greatly to the celebration! This would not have been such a wonderful day without you all.

Here are some photos from the best day in our lives. Most of them were made by our fantastic photographer Thomas. We are sure you will like them as much as we do. So if ever you are looking for a photographer you can trust, he is your man ;-)



Hannelore wrote on 21 August 2008:

Ihr seid so ein schönes Paar und sichtlich glücklich! Wir wünschen Euch wunderbare Flitterwochen in Südafrika und für Don die allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag.

Karl wrote on 21 August 2008:

Also die Hochzeit verbinde ich mit so wunderschoenen Erinnerungen, da will ich am liebsten noch mal das Ganze erleben :) Freue mich schon total auf Eure Fotos und das offizielle Video. Das wird bestimmt ganz klasse sein.

Danke noch mal fuer diesen wirklich so wunderschoenen Tag und dass ich mit Euch gemeinsam feiern kann. Und ehrlich, bei dem schoensten Moment fuer meinen Bruder und seine Liebste dabei zu sein und fuer Euch zu freuen, ist auch eines der besten Momente in meinem Leben, oder?

Bis ganz bald wieder und viel viel Spass auf der Hochzeitsreise. Ihr habt es verdient! :)

Amelia wrote on 24 August 2008:

Dear Don and Birgit,

We arrived home safely yesterday in spite of the typhoon in Hong Kong. The landing was difficult but the pilot achieved well at the end.

We were extremely overwhelmed by the hearty welcome and care during our visit by the family Baumgartner. The trip was a memorable one and we fell in love with Bayern. We simply cannot say how much we appreciate the meaning of this family gathering.

The wedding was the climax of the whole trip. Your organization of the schedule, the care you gave to all the guests was impeccable. Your speech moved us to tears and Peter’s humor in his speech brought us to laugh aloud. You both filled us with emotions.

We thank you again for all the efforts everybody had made to make it one of the most remarkable wedding parties and it will always be one of our fond memories.

Paul and I wish you both will continue to have fun and come home safely and happily.

Besides this wonderful party, I have a good news for you – Auntie Cecilia has got her first grandson on the 20th (USA time) or 21st (Hong Kong time). Is it not a wonderful co-incidence that her grandson has the same birthday as Don’s?

Best regards and with heaps of love.

Mama and Paul

Sanni wrote on 25 August 2008:

Die Hochzeit war wirklich wunderschön und wird, glaube ich, bei keinem von uns je in Vergessenheit geraten.Ich wünsche euch auf diesem Weg auch noch einmal von Herzen alles Gute, eine schöne Zeit in Südafrika und vor allem einen guten Start in eure neues Leben

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