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14 September 2009

My new toy

written by: Don

An absolutely excellent present from Birgit's parents makes me go photo-crazy.

This is my latest gadget, the lovely present from Birgit's parents for my birthday: the Panasonic Lumix FZ38 - a so-called bridge camera, because it is considered the link between the standard compact digital cameras and the professionsal D-SLR's. It offers all (or most of) the functionalities a D-SLR has, except for the interchangeable lenses.

So of course, when we went out in Munich last weekend, I took this little genius to a walk and played with it quite a bit.

Coming from total amateurism, I know next to nothing about photography beyond aiming and pushing the shutter-button. So there is a lot for me to learn really. But luckily, the built-in system is so intelligent that it does most of the work for me. For other cases, I can always rely on my Photoshop skills. :-) Especially the night-time indoor photos at Coralie's birthday party were more a case of touch & go. I really need to get a good grip on all the settings like shutter speed and aperture values and all that stuff.

Really looking forward to the next holiday now!



Hannelore Baumgartner wrote on 05 October 2009:

Da wir im Urlaub sind habe ich die Zeit gefunden auf Eure Website zu schauen und was sehe ich? Dons neues Spielzeug hat Ihn wirklich begeistert. Sobald wir wieder daheim sind werde ich dem Opa sofort zeigen dass er auch im Internet vertreten ist. Das kann er bestimmt gar nicht glauben! Ich wuensch Dir weiterhin viel Spass mit der neuen Kamera.

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