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18 March 2011

Farewell Party

written by: Don

We had a great night out in Soho at El Camion to say farewell to all our friends in London - one of those farewell parties that make you feel like you shouldn't leave at all... Here are some photos of our night out, taken with the Hipstamatic app on my phone which creates this ridiculous 70's look to all the pictures. Hope you like them!

So this is it! After seven years of living in London, we have decided to put down the tent, to pack our stuff, and to return to Good Old Germany.

Bloody loads has happened during this time. On a global scale, the invasion of Iraq took place, the London bombings (that was closer to home than Iraq...); Barack Obama came to power, so did David Cameron, even Angela Merkel did; two Football World Cups took place (one of them in Germany!), two Euros took place too. Sadly, Germany won none of them, but Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga four times... The list is endless I guess.

From the more personal perspective, a lot happened as well: We moved to Clapham, I finished my undergrad studies, Birgit got her first job, I finished my PhD, Birgit got her second job, we moved to Tulse Hill, I got my first job, Birgit finished her MBA, and oh yes, we got married somewhere along the way!

So after all these years what are our thoughts when reflecting upon our time in London? I think the best way to put it is by saying that we became less German and more British. We have learned what it really means to live in a multicultural society, to be tolerant, to get along with people, to not take things too seriously, to enjoy life (no, Germans don't enjoy life! haha), to never give up (just look at how everyone got onto the tube the day after the bombing!).

London is a city where we felt most at home, where we have made a lot of friends and learned for our lives. London will always have a special place in our hearts. Alas, this it. So long, and thanks for all the fish.



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