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07 June 2008

Birgit's Hen Night

written by: Birgit

A huge crowd gathered to celebrate with me - with many surprise guests!

What a fantastic day! It all started the night before, when Moni and Sanni arrived from Germany. We spent the quiet evening at home, but I have absolutely no idea what they had in store for me the next day! :-)

When they then told me to get ready for going out already early of the afternoon, I was quite stunned. But when suddenly all my friends turned up one after the other, that was just unbelievable! Especially to see Brigitte and Eva coming all the way from Germany for my hen night was a real BIG surprise :-)

The all-girls party started off, of course, with a glass of champagne :-) Then there was the bridal shower! One by one, the girls gave me a present for my wedding - some really cute, some very touching, some practical and some quite - well - explicit! ;-) You need to figure out yourselves what is what!

Some lovely friends who couldn't make it from Germany even sent parcels! Ulrike sent me a box full of good advices, and Vanessa brought in a brilliant idea with all the little spirits into the game - It was a real success with the girls, thank you!

Soon enough we set off to rock the city! :) Thank God the weather was fine when we started of on our mission - all in Bavarian style! I had to wear the Dirndl to start with, and all the others have to hang a pretzel around their necks. (Dass man die Brezn auch fuer Bagels halten kann fand ich urkomisch :-) ) Once in town, my task was to collect messages and wishes for my wedding from random men on the streets and have them written down into a note book. All the while, I was followed by this huge bunch of giggling girls with a bottle of champagne in the hand. Pity that drinking in public is not allowed in the UK - Sanni got told off by a Bobby because of this - but at least he was smiling!

After walking through London collecting wishes from random people, all these Pretzls weren't what they used to be, everyone had started eating them already. Finally, we came to the bar of our choice and had a rocking evening. Of course we fell for the lovely promotion offer with Tequila shots, and from there, we partied through the night!

Moni has organised this most wonderful hen night for me and I am really really happy to have such a good friend!



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