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04 November 2011

Bayerischer Wald

written by: Don

A weekend spent running up and down the Lusen in the Bavarian Forest produced some good landscape photos.

This was the first dedicated landscape photography trip I have taken, I think it was a great success. Together with four other likeminded amateur enthusiasts, we followed our guide Johannes, who is a lecturer in digital photography at the Polytechnic Regensburg. We hiked up the Mountain to Lusen, a summit about 1350m above O.D., stayed in the hut overnight, enjoyed the rough hospitality of the Herbergsmutter and made the most of the warm light at dawn (5:30am). After a replenishing breakfast, we hiked down the hill again back to our cars. Throughout the journey, we spent much time taking photos and rushed up and down the hills as fast as we could (to get more quality photo-time).

Our hope was that the weather would be dry but cold enough to give us some atmospheric foggy landscape in the early morning. However, the weather was just a tad too warm, alas no fog in close range, only in the distance. Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy the shots likewise.



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